Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Break The Bank

Valentine’s Day is coming in hot – dinner reservations are being booked, jewelry is being shined, and chocolate is being wrapped. But what happens if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend this year? I’ll help you think of the perfect things to do and gift this Valentine’s Day, that are both unique AF […]

19 things I want to accomplish in 2019

Hello world, hello 2019 (has it really already been 22 days?), and hello short week! I usually stay away from New Years resolution because (pardon my French) I think they’re bullshit. I literally can never stick to them – like oh you want to eat healthy this year??? OK, how about McDonald’s on New Years […]

6 W A Y S T O G E T Y O U R L I F E B A C K O N T R A C K

If you’re anything like me, you go through phases where you feel like nothing is going right, you’re overwhelmed, stressed out, and probably breaking out. This summer has been filled with sunny days, long nights, and countless beach trips but being on vacation and traveling can really knock you off your regular routine. These past […]